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Refine Your Ride

Refine Your Ride

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Preparing your body in the gym is also important – it makes the biggest difference on either  indoor/outdoor bike. I’m a big fan of strength training, it helps to rebuild muscle without bulking up too much, rather than move statically or linearly using gym machines. I suggest a dynamic workout with body weight or free weights.

Jumping Lunges

To help you getting in a best biking shape for your RIDE workout, add this exercise into your workout routine.

Stand straight up, with your feet shoulder-width apart, but with one stationed about a foot and a half in front of the other. Your back leg should stand directly under your body, and your forward knee should sit at a ninety degree angle. Hold the arm that is opposite front leg straight out and bend the elbow of opposite arm.



Jump up off the ground slightly, and quickly switch the position of your feet in mid-air. Keep your torso straight, now and throughout the exercise.




Land in the mirror-image of your original position – your forward leg bent at ninety degrees at the knee and hip, and your back leg directly underneath your body. Bend your knees to absorb the impact – but keep your feet and knees facing straight forward. Jump back off the ground, switching your feet to your original position.


Repeat the exercise in 8 rounds of 40 sec on, 20 sec rest.

Alternatively, repeat as necessary for your level of fitness.

Muscle Groups Affected

Because of the nature of this exercise, in which you bring into play so much of your lower and upper body, you can tone and strengthen the hamstrings, the quadriceps, the calves, the shins, the gluteus, the abdomen and the surrounding lower torso. This, in turn, can have beneficial effects on your lower back muscles.


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