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Welcome to T.SILVA Fitness Method

Treating You As a Professional Athlete

Let’s shake things up, literally. The T.SILVA Fitness Method is a training program designed by Tiago Silva that gets away from the traditional static workout and challenge your body in new ways. The program employes cardio, strength training, and appropriate nutrition to create real change inside & out. The body builder look is out & the lean athlete physique is in. The T.SILVA Fitness Method is a unique design and individualized approach that make it possible to train like an athlete to build an athletic body type, and that means multi-planar movements that engage the body & mind in challenging and unique ways . Learn more here. ←

Individualized Personal Training

Sessions are one-on-one. My Program will provide you with the individualized attention and precise focus needed to ensure you accomplish all your fitness goals. This is the optimal way to become the strongest, fittest, and best version of yourself possible.

G-2 Personal Training

Working with a trainer doesn’t have to be a solo affair. Many people like to have a partner to workout with and I encourage that. Sometimes it’s easier to reach your goals when you have someone right there with you during the journey.


I don’t believe in fad diets. The T.SILVA Method employs daily healthy eating and proper choices which are the key to fuelling your body correctly. Let me guide you through an eating plan designed to fit into your everyday life as well as accomplish your goals.

Metabolic Conditioning

This is one of the best ways to burn calories and a vital part of the T.SILVA Fitness Method. It builds capacity in each of three metabolic pathways, beginning with aerobic, then lactic acid, and then phosphocreatine pathways. This is what we normally think of as “Cardio”. From casual runners, cyclists, swimmers, gym goers to competitive athletes, I have got a plan for you.

On-line Personal Training

My On-line Personal training service allows me to provide expert guidance and personal attention and support to anyone, no matter your location or schedule. Once you have selected your chosen program I will be in contact with a comprehensive questionnaire that will give me all the information I need to get to work on a custom workout program for you.

Changing Your Body Shape

This the most common fitness goal. It also happens to be one of the main objectives of the T.SILVA Fitness Method. My program design will ensure you accomplish the goals you are seeking. Change is good and you have the power to do this.

"I started training with Tiago as I felt I needed that extra push. I had a 100km walk coming up and needed to be fit for the event. Tiago took me under his wing and showed me everything I needed to do to get to the level I needed to be at. We trained together and he encouraged me the whole way - even to the finish line. Yes I did the 100km and I couldn't thank Tiago enough for all his effort and determination to get me there. I will continue to train with T.SILVA as I believe he has each individuals goals in mind - no matter the challenge."

− Tracey Robertson, Personal Assistant

"My initial intention was to train with Tiago in the weeks leading up to obstacle course race I competitively participate in, but I soon found that T.SILVA Fitness Method was so fun as well as beneficial, I made them a permanent part of my training regime!"

− Toby Palm, Community Executive

"After going through some health problems caused by stress and depression I went into a totally sedentary routine. I met Tiago Silva and I started to observe his lifestyle and I slowly started to get inspired to change my bad healthy habits. Today Tiago is a great friend and my personal trainer. I see daily results in my lifestyle which makes me feel happy with myself."

− Marcos Grossi, Singer

"Tiago is a great, positive fitness trainer who can strengthen your mind and your morale as well as your muscles."

− Simon Clark, Journalist

"I first came to Tiago as a complete gym novice. I wanted to get in shape but to have fun and enjoy myself at the same time. The T.SILVA Fitness Method has been amazing. My attitude to fitness has totally changed thanks to Tiago and I genuinely look for any opportunity to do some exercise now! We trained together in the gym but Tiago's love for all sports has led me to take up running, spinning and road cycling as I have improved in fitness. I have completely changed body shape and with Tiago's high intensity training I have been able to fit it in easily with my long hours. Tiago is so approachable and friendly that I have felt fully supported every step of the way."

− Hannah Diss, Lawyer

"Over the last 5 year I have tried to get the defined body of my dreams with use of numerous fitness programmes and it never materialised. Working in the city in finance is never easy. Bad habits and long hours take over and I thought that this dream would be pushed back further. I then met Tiago and he has taught and inspired me to live a healthy lifestyle. Through training with Tiago I not only learnt the exercises to perform but also the nutritional diet necessary to maximise results. Our sessions are fun and productive. I can say with 100% confidence that Tiago is the best Personal Trainer I have had and I am excited to push ahead with my training."

− Scott Silver, Equity Sales